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We believe in the power of creative. Not as a mythical force, but as a tool that captures attention. That moves people to action. That differentiates your brand and that delivers commercial results.

X marks the spot where truly transformative creative thrives.

United as one. OPEN X Health is part of the OPEN Health group.


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The data-driven creative agency

Data driven, but human centred

We are creative in how we approach your commercial challenges. But we are data-driven in how we prove our worth. Data helps us be sharper in what we create and in what we deploy. If we can’t measure it, then how do we know that it works?

Data-driven creative works. OPEN X Health has been the most awarded agency at the PM Society Digital Awards for two years in a row. Every single one of the 46 awards we’ve won since 2019 is a result of the close partnership we forge with our clients.

Our services

Data-driven creativity


Brave campaigns that resonate and perform through creativity, based on evidence rather than opinion.

Brand & launch communications


Smart launches with effective creative. We define strategy that sparks creative and wins market share.

Omnichannel strategy


Right customer, right message, right time and place. It’s not rocket science. We help to cut through the jargon and collaborate with our clients in deploying connected experiences.

Campaign development & measurement


We ensure that your brands stand out and connect. And we help you to measure and track that connection and customer engagement. Simple.

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