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  • Disease awareness campaign


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    Creative, Omnichannel, Strategy

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    Spotlight YOPD


The challenge

Young-Onset Parkinson’s Disease, or YOPD, is a rare disease that is under-represented and often misunderstood. We needed to overcome the preconceptions people have when they hear “Parkinson’s Disease”.

YOPD comes with a unique set of challenges as patients experience different symptoms to those with later onset Parkinson’s and live with the disease in the prime of their lives.

An emotive, hero film-led disease awareness campaign using real patients. Complemented by a bespoke landing page and logo refresh, it can be viewed across social channels and is also supported by out-of home placements.

The film takes us through the Parkinson’s disease journey, narrated in first-person by our primary character—an older man sharing his experiences with the disease, from initial symptoms to acceptance of the diagnosis. As his story unfolds, we discover that he is not recounting his own journey, but that of his 34-year-old daughter.


The campaign



To emphasise the change in perspective, we brought in glitching effects to the film to mirror one of the main side effects of the disease.  The effects increase as the narrative moves further towards the reveal.

It was filmed in a photography studio by a stills photographer, as the focus was on conveying the feel of the character via their voice whilst the voice over leads the narrative. A short, simple and elegant piece where misdirection is key: Parkinson’s is not just an old person’s disease.