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Ingrid’s Story

  • Disease awareness campaign

    Ingrid’s Story

  • Our Role

    Creative concept, animation

  • Client

    LEO Pharma


The challenge

Chronic hand eczema (CHE) is a condition that is under-served and that generally lacks attention. LEO needed to create a scientific symposium around the subject, to bring awareness to the disease.

While the symposium needed scientific value, we needed to enhance the traditional symposium format with creative and unique content. To do this, we added some true storytelling from a patient’s perspective, to hear how it has impacted their life first hand. As facts tell, stories sell.

To answer the challenge we knew we had to create a film, as it would have longevity past the symposium and bring a fresh tone to the event.


We had to create the script based on truth. We pulled together in-depth research on a number of stories, collating various insights and experiences to create one compelling story. This first-person story, became Ingrid’s story.


We showed the film first at the symposium but it has been used many times by the client since, to explain the real patient need of bringing awareness to chronic hand eczema.





We wanted to tell the story in a way that was unique, which is where the storybook concept came in. This was her story to tell, and she was at the heart of it. As the pages turned, more of her story was revealed.


To achieve real depth and a feeling that we had seen her story come to life, we created the film in 3D, using 2D illustrations projected onto 3D planes.

We included a variety of paper textures on an alpha channel to make it feel authentic. The depth of field was considered to ensure objects felt miniature and seemed to exist within the book.


Ingrid’s home possessions appear in the chapters of both her past and present, almost like they’re sparking memories as she recounts her story. These small details create the sense that her life has remained similar, possibly because she feels confined to her home.