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SID Ninja

  • Disease awareness campaign

    SID Ninja

  • Our Role

    Animation & Innovation

  • Client

    Biotest AG


The challenge

A growing number of patients treated with new immunosuppressive therapies develop secondary immunodeficiencies (SID). These patients are blessed with survival from the initial healthcare issue, but some will suffer repeated or even severe infections with hospitalisation and potential fatal outcome. We were tasked to create a campaign that grabbed haemoncologists’ attention to look out for SID.

We conducted interviews with clinical immunologists and nurses. It became apparent that SID was somewhat of a nuisance – whilst the attention of the clinician is focussed on the main healthcare issue, SID hides in the shadows causing serious problems for the patient. This insight led to the concept of SID as a ninja: an expert in fighting with stealth and guile.


The solution


SID Ninja

Tactical implementation

We utilised LinkedIn to reach as many of our target as possible in the simplest and most cost-effective manner. The post was simple: a video and accompanying descriptor. The video itself is about stopping viewers in their tracks and piquing their interest. The animation tells you what SID is and how it works with far more in-depth information available from the link in the post.

Creativity and innovation

We wanted to do more to gain attention and disrupt viewers from the constant stream of content they scroll through each day. Like having our SID ninja interfere with the actual format of how video plays on LinkedIn. The final output shows a fairly standard pharma video being tampered with, vandalised and eventually broken by our ninja. Our sword-wielding anti-hero blows up the LinkedIn video player interface, slashes the subtitles in half, and, for the finale, smashes the interface into smithereens. The result is something which has never been done before in pharma. Most importantly, the message IS the medium – this is an example of using digital to disrupt from the norm to ensure the message is actually seen.