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The Heart Failure Event

  • Disease awareness campaign

    The Heart Failure Event

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    Creative concept and strategy, omnichannel

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The challenge

Format was critical. Film was going to be the most impactful approach. HCPs are strapped for time every moment of their workday. We needed a video that is short, engaging, and required little “cognitive cost”.

Talking about the problem here would only take us so far. We needed a solution element to our campaign, an actionable insight – something that resonates with HCPs, is valuable to them and/or their patients, and is achievable. We need to create a sense of jeopardy and urgency to change. There is a point of no return, and something needs to be done about it.

A major CV event is our starting point: we know the destination of our film from the outset; we know how our patient’s story ends.

However, the intrigue comes from a simple cinematic device of playing the film backwards to a critical moment in time – another major event – where the outcome of the story perhaps can be altered. At this pivotal moment, when our patient is in the GP’s surgery, we denote how significant our hero’s decision to take a simple blood test is in determining a new way forward for our patient.

We worked with the team at Video Alchemists to bring the film to life.


Creativity and innovation